Pawsh Pets Mobile Spa and Groom

About Us




Twice Bathed with Specialty Shampoo
Only the Best shampoos and conditioners
are used for each pet's special needs

Conditioning Rinse

Hand Blow Dry and Brush
We don't use cage dryers, our special drying system
removes under-coat and shed

Coat Enhancing Styling Products
No more bad hair days!

Ears and Eyes Cleaned
Hair is gently plucked from ear canal as needed

Teeth Brushed
We use only individualy wrapped, disposable
tooth brushes

Nails Trimmed and Smoothed
Nails are filed smooth and hair is trimmed between pads

Relieve Anal Glands
We are non- agressive and will advise you to
see your Vet when necessary

Breed Specific Trim and Style
We do it the way you like it!

Bandana or Bows
You can even pick a color

Cologne and Breath Spray

Ask about Therapeutic Massage!